Web Analytics Implementation

Quite possibly the most important aspect of online marketing and web design is analytics.  If you can’t track, read, and react to statistics collected from your web site, you can’t possibly manage an online marketing campaign with any certainty of success.  At Eclipseo, we eat, sleep and breathe visitor statistics from a wide range of vendors and service providers.

  • Google Analytics
    A fantastic Google application available at no-cost-to-you from the Google Analytics, it integrates easily with Google Adwords and other pay-per-click marketing programs.  It can easily be configured on any website, online store, or content management system yielding profound insights into your business.
  • Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst
    Omniture SiteCatalyst v15 represents a substantial re-engineering in their core analytics product. Implementation consulting includes site audits, solution design reference changes, and best practice advice from experts with several years of experience.
  • Adobe Test&Target
    Allows for advanced A/B and multivariate testing against success metrics that are implemented in your Adobe Marketing Suite.

Once setup with the analytics package of your choice, our experts scour reports to share insights and analysis that impact your business goals.  With information gleaned through analytics consultations from Eclipseo, you may choose to implement landing pages designed by our professional search optimization specialists, or develop landing pages in house.

For more information on analytics consultation services from Eclipseo, contact us.